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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

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Ms. Ann

Founder & Director

Mrs. Ann is the founder of Willows Christian Montessori School. She has worked in the education field for over 17 years. Her passion and dedication in early childhood education sparked a desire to open a Montessori school. She loves to spend most of her time interacting with children in the preschool and toddler classroom. It is amazing for her to see how much children grow and learn! 


Ms. Angie

Afternoon supervisor

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Ms. Sarah

Montessori Supervisor

** This is my 14th school year at Willows.

** I am EEC licensed director and lead teacher for preschool, toddler and infant

** I have been in early education area as a Montessori teacher for 20 years.

** I earned two Montessori certifications from MTP of Washington and AMS

** I earned master in early childhood education from Gordon College

** I am pursuing the master in educational ministry Liberty University

** I love hiking, craft, reading a book and gardening.

** I have been  director and teacher of Korean School of the Nazarene and children minister in Korean Church of the Nazarene in Reading for the past 15 years.

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Ms. Angela

Preschool A Montessori Lead Teacher

  • Received EEC certified in infant, toddler, and preschool in January 2018. 

  • Have been in early childhood education for 4years

  • This is 3rd year at Willows

  • Montessori Education certification from AMS

  • Earned master’s degree at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

  • Enjoys spending time with family and especially her children, Brodrick and Natalie, who inspire her to teach

  • Excited to meet new class and happy to be rejoining Willows for the new schoolyear!


Ms. Amanda

Preschool A Morning Assistant Teacher

*  This is 6th year at Willows

*  Bachelor and master degree in Fine Art and EEC licensed teacher                    

*  Enjoy looking children's growth and grateful for seeing trust through their eyes

* Earned Montessori assistant certification in toddler and early childhood level                                                                  

* 2 children: Austin and Claire and husband


Mrs. Wang

Preschool A afternoon Chinese Lead Teacher


Mrs. Zhang

Preschool A afternoon Chinese Assistant Teacher

  • I have worked in Willows for 7 years

  • EEC certified teacher

  • I like some healthy sports such as hiking, climbing, running, playing ball and so

  • Being able to work in early childhood education makes me feel very happy and have a sense of accomplishment,

  • I enjoy the day and the time with children together! 

  • This is my 11th school year at Willows.

  • I have two kids. Tiffany is in college. She loves to write and sports. Hillary,  younger daughter, 5th grade in Chenery Middle school. She loves reading and drawing.

  • I love my family, my job and your children.

  • I love painting and handcrafts.

  • I am an EEC licensed lead teacher.

  • I am senior teacher of kindergarten of Chinese school been in educational area 16 years.


Ms. Carri

Preschool B Montessori Lead Teacher

  • I am married and have two girls. I also have a cute dog, Sophie.

  • I have been at Willows for more than 5 years and I have been teaching since 2013.

  • I have EEC license for both preschool and toddler class. I am a Montessori certified teacher and have master’s degree in early childhood education from Gordon College.

  • In my spare time I enjoy taking care of my garden and cooking

  • My goal is to help young children grow in their own way


Ms. Alisa

Preschool B Morning Montessori Intern / Assistant Teacher

  • I earned my master's degree at Northeast Normal University, major in Chinese teaching.

  • I worked in Changchun foreign language school for 9 years as Chinese teacher.

  • I finished EEC training program in toddler and preschool, I've been working in Willows since December 2021,

  • I am taking AMS Montessori training

  • My daughter Jiahe is a senior in UF, and son Jack is in 7th grade.

  • Love reading, watching movies, hiking.


Ms. Olivia 郑老师

Preschool B Afternoon Chinese Lead Teacher


Mrs. Qiu 丘老师

Preschool B afternoon Assistant Teacher

  • I am a toddler assistant in the morning and PB assistant in the afternoon

  • Finished the EEC teacher trainig course.

  • I have two sons. Big one is a university student, the little one is an elementary student.

  • I like to learn new things and read books.

  • I am patient and love children

  • I was a kindergarten’s teacher for one year in China.

  • I had a teacher’s license, I learned the courses of Children’s Psychological Development and Children’s Education,

  • This is my second year at Willows.

  • I love my job and I love children.

  • Enjoy good food, travel and my family.

  • I have a daughter, she is almost 6 years old, she is a kindergarten student this year.


Ms. Jing

Toddler Morning Lead Teacher

  • 4th years at Willows.

  •  I have three kids. Catherine works in architectural design company. Fengkai  a senior in college. Benjamin, my youngest son, is in 3rd grade at Burbank School.

  • My husband is a businessman. 

  • I completed Toddler & Early Childhood Montessori Assistant Teacher Training  

  •  I Completed Child Growth and Development Course at Urban College of Boston.

  • I love playing Piba, reading, travel, cooking, baking, yoga and watching movies.


Mrs. Tao

Toddler Montessori intern

  • I have worked at Willows since Feb.2022.

  • I am in Montessori Training Program (Infant and Toddler) in Harbor-light Montessori Teacher training center

  • I worked as a Chinese Teacher in Chines Bible Church of Greater Boston from 2021 to 2022.

  • I have two master degrees in Project Management and Accounting.

  • I have 2 kids, Ethyn and Anderson, who motivate me to learn and explore more in education.

  • I love reading, writing, singing, dancing, and cooking


Mrs. Zhang 张老师

Toddler Afternoon Chinese Lead Teacher

  • I have 4 years teaching experience 5 years work experience in creative industry.

  • I received my bachelor’s degree from China Academy of Art(中国美术学院) and master’s degree from Berlin University of the Arts(柏林艺术大学)in Germany.

  • I have worked in Willows since Feb. 2018.

  • I love to share the beauty of art with children

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